Top 5 Shopify Page Builder Apps(Free and paid)

Shopify is a quick and easy way to create an ecommerce store. It offers powerful hosting and payment processing features, as well as options to expand your store as it grows. However, the default themes and templates provided may be limited, and page building options may be limited. The Shopify Page Builder app makes it easier to create the website you want.

The Shopify Page Builder app is a third-party plugin that you can use to design new web pages for your store. These apps offer more functionality than Shopify’s default page builder offers, and are less restrictive than the platform’s pre-built themes. You can create pages by dragging and dropping elements onto templates and adding your own headers, images, buttons, and lists.

These are our 5 favorite Shopify page builder apps in 2022. It’s worth noting that the best choice for your website depends on your own situation. As all five of these apps offer free trials or free plans.

1. PageFly #1 Page Builder

PageFly’s sleek and professional look sets it apart from most competing apps. It has an impressive 4.9-star rating from thousands of user reviews, many of whom cite the versatility and user-friendly interface as a differentiating factor. The app is responsible for over 53,000 pages across thousands of e-commerce stores.

Clear and easy to navigate, PageFly has a user-friendly interface that lets you control every element of your store. The ability to edit pages with code makes it a great option.

2. GemPages Page Builder

GemPages is one of the most powerful page builders that allows anyone to create, design and optimize Shopify store pages without any limitations and codes. Over 30,000 active merchants now trust GemPages.

With GemPages, you can drag and drop elements to build pages from scratch, or customize the available templates to meet your specific needs. Its extensive library of templates, page elements, and features is the strength of any impressive, high-converting store page.

3. LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

LayoutHub uses block templates to create your store. Targeted at small businesses and new to Shopify, the app focuses on an intuitive interface and pre-built templates. The app is simple but has far fewer options than PageFly or any other page builder.

LayoutHub looks great, feels like part of the Shopify interface, and offers a collection of templates to help beginners get started. However, the customization options in these templates are limited and nowhere near the level of other Shopify page builder apps.

4. Shogun Landing Page Builder

Shogun helps you create beautiful mobile-friendly pages. It’s aimed at large businesses and seasoned Shopify users with a focus on conversion rate optimization. Premium plans allow users to track the performance of their pages through click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, and more, while the most paid plans offer A/B testing.

5. Zipify Page Builder & Editor

Zipify is certainly one of the less used options in the Shopify page builder app, but it offers store owners a more technical solution with an emphasis on optimization. The builder has an “growing” library of templates to choose from, while still allowing you to make precise changes to your pages.

Zipify gives you control over smaller details like breadcrumbs, and lets you add features like countdown timers and a “buy box” (which compares product packages and highlights the best deals in the store). Unfortunately, this is one of the more expensive Shopify page builder apps available.