How to Add My Resume to Online Job Sites

If you’ve been thinking about adding your resume to online job sites, the first step is determining which format is the best for the job posting you’re looking to apply for. Some websites will require you to copy and paste your resume into their form, while others will ask you to upload your document. Either way, you’ll need to be careful to upload your resume in a format that is readable by the hiring manager.

Different websites will require different formats, but they will all require a PDF version. If the site doesn’t allow you to use a resume builder, you can copy your resume and paste it into a text box. It’s best to save a local copy to your computer rather than submitting it as an attachment. This will ensure that your resume is consistently formatted and will stand out in the database.

Depending on the site, you may need to search for a specific resume file to upload. You may find that you don’t have one. In that case, you’ll need to search for the file of your resume and then choose a format. If the format is not consistent or you have to add space between sentences, you’ll need to change your strategy. You’ll need to choose a new format, or use a different font.