How to Make a Turkey Out of Lunch Bags

A fun holiday gift for your kiddos is to make a turkey out of lunch bags. You can fill it with popcorn or white paper and glue it to the flap. Then, you can use the flap as a skeleton for your Thanksgiving turkey. Then, decorate the turkey with the rest of your favorite colors. Here is an easy and quick way to create a cute and unusual Thanksgiving turkey out of your kids’ lunch bags.

How To make a Thanksgiving turkey out of lunch bags

You will need a brown paper lunch bag, two cups of popcorn, and two orange construction paper lunch bags. For the turkey’s head and tail, you will need red and yellow construction papers. Glue the flaps together. Next, fold one of the sides of the bag over. Now, cut it open and add the white and red paper. Put a pair of eyes in each eye.

Then, cut the fringe strips and staple them around the legs of your drumstick. Alternatively, you can also use white paper and staple it to a brown paper lunch bag. Now, you can make a Thanksgiving turkey out of your paper bags. If you have a brown paper bag, you can make a Thanksgiving turkey out it by stuffing it with popped popcorn. You can use two or three pieces of turkey to make a whole turkey.