How to Properly Clean a Computer Screen and Accessories

Cleaning your computer’s screen and other accessories is easier than you may think. You can make a simple cleaning solution by mixing a half cup of distilled water with a quarter cup of white vinegar. Be careful when using the spray bottle as too much pressure can cause permanent damage. If you want to get the best results, clean the screen with a gentle circular motion. If you use too much pressure, it could even cause an electrical shock.

How To properly clean a computer screen and accessories

It is also important to remember to avoid rubbing the screen with hard cloths or abrasives. Do not spray the cleaning solution directly on the screen, as the hardness of the cloth might damage the coating. When wiping your screen, use a soft microfiber cloth, and do not use paper towels as these might scratch the screen’s surface. Instead, use a soft and lint-free microfiber cloth to clean your screen.

You can also use a damp lint-free cloth to clean your computer’s display. Do not use solvents or aerosol sprays. Try to avoid abrasives and household cleaners. These products can damage the display. And remember to always clean your computer with a lint-free cloth to avoid scratches. The best way to remove dust is to wipe it down with a dry microfiber cloth.